Here's where to find Montana hospitals, cost & quality information, Checklist to review before prior to your visit, understanding your hospital bill and filing a complaint. 
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Loved Grandma
Senior Living Options
Exploring options for senior living and nursing homes. What to look for when selecting a facility for yourself and or a loved one.
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Insurance file
Health Insurance
Information on understanding your health insurance coverage, options for when you don't have insurance, choosing a health insurance plan, quality information and contact information if you have a complaint. 
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Prescription Information
Tips to avoid medication errors, use the "Med Form" to keep track of the drugs you are currently taking, helpful checklists and more regarding prescription drugs!
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Two physicians talking
Physicians & Clinics
Information to help you locate and choose a provider that is right for you and checklist to review before your visit.

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Welcome to Montana’s health care consumer website! This site is sponsored by Montana Hospital Association, and is dedicated to helping you to make informed decisions about your health care. Montana hospitals and health care facilities believe transparency empowers consumer choice, which leads to discovering the best care to fit your needs.


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Montana's Health Insurance Marketplace
With the passage of new legislation, learn more about how this bill may affect your health care, especially how it affects Montanans.
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Health Information
Information to help you understand your health conditions, and to find what you need to make informed choices for yourself and/or loved one.
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hand marking a checkbox
Care Planning
Checklists are a great way to ensure that you have all of the information that you need, whether for a Dr. visit, surgery, prescriptions drugs, following instructions for care, and more. Customize your checklist to fit your care!
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Nurse and doctor checking over a chart
Additional Sites
Here is a list of sites that we recommend or use ourselves. While there is an enormous amount of information on the world wide web, our aim is to help guide you to trusted information.
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Holding hands Hospice
Hospice availability in Montana, types of services, along with related articles to help you make informed end-of-life care decisions.
Mental Health
Where to find mental health care providers, consumer advocate organizations and research materials about mental health conditions.

Children playing, running down a hill

Tips for getting and staying healthy along with additional information for you and your family!