Health Insurance

Finding Health Insurance

Key information to consider when choosing a health plan:

Question Yes No
Does your employer offer a health insurance policy?   
If not, do you qualify for Medicaid, HealthyMontana Kids (formerly CHIPS) or local programs for those without employer coverage?   
Is there a preferred list of providers? How do you obtain a list of those providers?   
What services are covered and which ones are considered “non-covered”?   
Will you have to pay out-of-pocket costs for physician visits, lab tests, surgeries or hospital stays? Is there an annual maximum out-of-pocket costs?   
Is a referral required for you to see a specialist?   
Is the plan licensed by the State of Montana? How long have they been licensed in Montana? You can check the status of your plan with the Montana State Auditor's Office.   
Is the plan financially viable?   
Is the health plan accredited? Three groups that accredit health plans are the National Committee on Quality Assurance, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.