Care Planning

Care Planning and Checklists!

Care planning is an essential component to care and to ensure that you understand the care that you receive. The Department of Public Health & Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) has a wonderful tool that provides questions to ask - your doctor, surgeon, phamacist etc. or you can create a customized checklist of questions to take with you.

The Joint Commission on Accredition of Health Care Organization's (JCAHO) SpeakUP Initiatives has a number of helpful and informative brochures ranging from preventing infection during your stay to research studies.

Helpful Links

    Questions Are the Answer AHRQ's web site offers prebuilt questions to ask regarding your care and enables you to create customized checklists to print and take with you!

    SpeakUP- JCAHO's brochures offer helpful information on a variety of health related topics.