Questions to ask when looking for a doctor.

Question Yes No
Is this physician accepting new patients?   
Is this physician part of my health plan or network?   
Is this physician able to work at the hospital that I like?   
Is this physician board certified? Does this physician have the background/training that I need to meet MY needs?   
Is it easy to talk with this physician? Did he/she listen to me when I asked questions?   
Does this physician wash their hands before the start of each exam?   
Is this physician easy to access? How quickly can I get in if I need to be seen right away?   
Do other physicians use this doctor for their own care (you can ask the office manager or nurse)?   
Can this physician recommend another doctor, if he/she is unable to take new patients or unable to meet my specific needs?   
Does the physician have a financial interest involved in a referral treatment or other care?