Health Insurance

Understanding Health Insurance Coverage

Many Montanans that are not eligible for Medicare have access to healthcare coverage through their employer. While many employers provide information to help employees understand their coverage, here are some helpful resources to help consumers understand their health insurance.

Medicaid provides access to healthcare for low-income individuals who qualify. Applications for Medicaid and other services are taken at the Montana Office of Public Assistance. You can also access your local OPA number and address by calling the Montana Citizens’ Advocate office at toll free (800) 332-2272 or visit their Web site. Current Medicaid clients can call the toll-free Medicaid Help Line at (800) 362-8312.

Healthy Montana Kids (formerly known as CHIP) is a health insurance program for children (by the State of Montana) that provides medical coverage at low or no cost, depending on family income (see the income guidelines). HMK covers pre-existing medical conditions. To find out more, call toll-free 1(877) 543-7669 or visit their Web site.